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Furniture Cleaning Waterford

If you want the best upholstery cleaning Waterford has to offer, Four Seasons Chem-Dry is the cleaner for you! Your chairs, couches and ottomans get used on a daily basis. This means that dirt, oily skin, greasy fingers are all over your upholstery items, making them look dirty and not something you would want to sit on. Our cleaning process is sure to get out spills and stains. Ask about our specialty stain removal for those tough stains that just won't come out! Take advantage of the best furniture cleaning Waterford has to offer!

Protecting Your Upholstery

Many couches come with a stain resistant coating on them, but over time that stain resistant coating wears and fades away. Chem-Dry offers a Protectant that coats the whole fiber, making it easier to clean up stains and mishaps. The product is co-applied with the cleaning process to make sure that your upholstery is covered! Our Protectant fights stains before they can go deep into the fabric fibers. Our Protectant gives you more time to clean up the stain! Upholstery cleaned the Chem-Dry way will appear and feel good as new in Waterford MI.

Protecting & Furniture Cleaning Waterford

We want you to be pleased with your furniture cleaning Waterford services. Listed below are some of the advantages which our Protectant can provide you with:

  • Restores manufacturer-applied stain guard that stops working and fades with time
  • Forms protective shield around upholstered furniture and carpet fibers
  • Repels most liquids, allowing spills to be removed before staining can occur
  • Works with a number of furniture materials


Call Four Seasons Chem-Dry today at 248-673-1200 for the best upholstery cleaning Waterford has to offer!

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