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Upholstery Cleaning 

We have been providing superior cleaning services in Troy, MI and upholstery is no exception; while the Chem-Dry brand has been the leader in the industry for more than three decades. As the largest cleaning company in the nation, Chem-Dry is dedicated to the highest level of quality service. We combine the brand trust of a national system with independently owned local service. We are experienced in servicing a variety of types of fabric, and can provide the appropriate care for even the finest upholstery in Troy, MI.

Our professional upholstery technicians have specialized in refreshing upholstery to its cleanest and brightest condition. Sofas and kitchen chairs get a lot of use and if crumbs, dirts and grim get into the fibers, it can make for dirty looking couches. Stains come with everyday use, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept or deny their presence in your home. We take the experiences that we have had and learn from them everyday and take the next step in innovation. Our Green Certified products will be expertly applied gently which will not harm your animals or children that you have in your home. In fact, we use just a fraction of the moisture meaning your furniture will be dry in just a fraction of the time! If you want your furniture cleaned so well that it looks like new, at an affordable price, by honest trained professionals, with top of the market products and cleaning solutions then you're at the right place in Troy, MI. Four Seasons Chem-Dry has a unique approach to upholstery cleaning & stain removal is unlike any other typical steam cleaner - in fact, it's proprietary.


Choosing Four Seasons Chem-Dry is a great idea if you are in the Troy area! Call us today to schedule or click HERE to get a quote!