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Four Season's Chem-Dry offers the best upholstery cleaning Milford has to offer, call us today at 248-673-1200! Four Season's Chem-Dry provides professional furniture cleaning for Milford, MI. Sofas, arm chairs and other upholstered items receive a lot of use, especially in a home with children or pets. Although grim and dirty particles are inevitable in a home, they don't have to be stuck in your furniture. Furniture cleaned by Four Season's Chem-Dry way will look and feel good as new.

Carbonated Bubbles Really Cleanupholstery cleaning milford

Four Season's Chem-Dry uses the power of carbonation, The Natural, to lift dirtiness to the surface of your couch or kitchen chair where it is sucked away using our wonderful extraction system. The secret to Chem-Dry's drier, healthier upholstery cleaning is tons of tiny cleaning bubbles in our cleaner we call The Natural®. The carbonating solutions penetrate deep into the base of the carpet, literally exploding dirt and grime off of the fiber's surface. We use hot water extraction to lift the dirty particles and they are whisked away. Chem-Dry’s safe, non-toxic solutions actually help your fabrics stay as cleaner longer!

Fight Those Stains Off

Chem-Dry has quality upholstery cleaning services at an affordable price. Feel like your furniture just doesn’t look the way it used to? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. We have an array of stain and grime-fighting solutions without the harsh chemicals included in competitor cleaning brands. Whether its food or paint, sweat or dirt, our master technicians are equipped for your emergency.

If you are looking for the best upholstery cleaning Milford has to offer, call Four Season's Chem-Dry at 248-673-1200!

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