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Our Upholstery Cleaning Process

If you are looking for the best upholstery cleaning Grand Blanc has to offer, call Four Seasons Chem-Dry at 248-673-1200. Because Chem-Dry was founded on the thought that improvement should be continuous, we have persistently developed and improved our upholstery cleaning equipment, methods and solutions in order to be able to offer the best cleaning accessible inthe market today. We are proud to provide these innovative methods to the Grand Blanc, MI area, knowing that there are incredible advantages to choosing our unique process, both for your furniture and your wallet.

Grand Blanc Upholstery Cleaners

As a part of our unique method, we have harnessed the potency of carbonation to ensure a deep clean, which allows us to use less water than other methods require. Consequently upholstery cleaned the Chem-Dry way will dry within just 1-2 hours as opposed to the1-2 days needed by other Grand Bland upholstery cleaners!While the other Grand Blanc upholstery cleaners use buckets of water to hide dirt, grime and dust down into the upholstery, Chem-Dry has utilized the power of carbonation. The carbonation removes these unwanted particles from individual fibers and lifts them to the top where they can be safely extracted with hot water. Not only does this make your upholstery look like new, but they will remain clean for a longer time, allowing them to require less frequent cleaning!

Furniture Cleaning Grand Blanc

Since one of Chem-Dry’s priority objectives is environmental stability, Chem-Dry has engineered this innovative method to avoid using anything but entirely natural substances in our solutions. While it becomes an extraordinary benefit for the environment, it is also a considerable benefit to your home and family as well. You can rest assured knowing that no harmful chemicals are ever used in any Chem-Dry process, because we keep your family, together with your upholstery, our first priority.

Free Estimate buttonChoosing Four Seasons Chem-Dry Offers Great Advantages

  • Safe for all kinds of upholstery,  including  some of the finest natural fibers and the hardiest synthetics.
  • Safe for children and pets.
  • A money saver because Chem-Dry leaves no sticky or dirt-attracting residues which can prematurely resoil your upholstery.
  • Great for auto interiors, boat interiors, office dividers, furniture and any upholstered item.
  • Chem-Dry's fabric Protector shields your upholstery by forming a water and oil repellent barrier on the surface of your upholstery material.
  • Specialty leather cleaning service with products endorsed by more than 300 tanneries and leather manufacturers.


Call Four Seasons Chem-Dry for all your upholstery cleaning Grand Blanc needs at 248-673-1200, you will be glad you called and so will your carpets!

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