Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Clarkston MI

Chem-Dry of Four Seasons offers the best upholstery cleaning Clarkston has to offer, call us at 248-673-1200! If you have waited to have your upholstery cleaned and it has been over a year, the time is up! If you are in the Clarkston area, give us a call to clean and renew your upholstery items.  Accumulating soil can be harsh and if it is left in the fabric fibers it can cause damage which can shorten the life of your precious investments.  Regular vacuuming can help maintain your furniture, but eventually a professional cleaning will be necessary to remove what the vacuum is unable to reach. That's when Four Seasons Chem-Dry can assist you in Clarkston, MI. Our expert technicians can take care of your upholstery cleaning needs.

The types of upholstery that we can clean are listed below:

  • Sofas orange couch
  • Loveseats
  • Ottomans
  • Recliners
  • Sectionals
  • Home theatre seating
  • Mattresses
  • Car interiors
  • Boat interiors

Our Process

Here is a list of the operations that will be performed:

  • Pre-inspection - our technician will perform test to assess the fabric type, soil level and condition.  Then we will take care to explain the recommended treatment and the likely results.
  • Pre-vacuuming - all textiles should be thoroughly vacuumed before cleaning.  Our technician will use a HEPA vacuum to thoroughly vacuum your furniture.
  • Pre-treatment - depending on the fabric type and condition we will apply a special solution to the fabric to "emulsify" the soil prior to cleaning.
  • Pre-spotting - stubborn spots may require additional treatments to ensure the best outcome during the cleaning.
  • Pre-groom - using a horse hair brush the fabric will be gently agitated to loosed the soils.
  • Soil extraction and rinse - our technician will use a specialized tool to gently apply our carbonated cleaning solution called "The Natural" and then extract the soil and moisture from the fabric.
  • Post groom - fabrics with a pile (such as velvet) may require grooming to return a professional finish to the fabric.
  • Speed dry - an air mover will be used to shorten the fabric dry-time.
  • Post cleaning inspection - Once the job is completed, our technician will review the results of the cleaning with you to ensure you are satisfied.

*Note all steps might not be performed depending on the type of fabric. Your technician will explain the process to you.

Chem-Dry of Four Seasons offers the best upholstery cleaning Clarkston has to offer, call us at 248-673-1200!

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